Mission Statement

Breath of Life, Inc. will provide home medical equipment to those whom we serve applying the principles and standards of the Christian Faith with the foundation being to treat others the way that we would want them to treat us. Additionally, Breath of Life, Inc. will make every effort to provide a work environment where employees can grow socially, spiritually, financially, and educationally.

Our Services

We are a full service provider of home oxygen, PAP therapy, nebulizers, and ventilator equipment. Our warehouses are conveniently located in the heart of the DFW Metroplex, as well as Austin and Lubbock. Our clinically minded staff are prepared to offer you the highest quality respiratory services available. We are authorized in-network providers for most insurance companies. However, for those who are insured by companies that we are not in-network with, we believe that our selection of the highest quality equipment, and healthcare staff is worth going out of network to obtain.
Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated
The patients we serve, as well as our employees are all equally important to us. We seek to treat everyone we come in contact the way we would want to be treated. In the work place, common courtesy, such as answering emails promptly, replying with respect and truthfulness, and not playing the blame game when something goes wrong, all tie in with treating each other how you’d like to be treated. Go above and beyond.
Do More With Less
The healthcare industry is ever changing and evolving. At Breath of Life we try to always do more with less. Serve more people, for less overhead, etc. This also goes hand in hand with efficiency – do more things, with less time. Learn to work efficiently, so that ultimately you will spend less time at your desk! Innovate within your job. Look for ways to create better and faster methods to accomplish a task. Achieve operational excellence.
Pursue Growth and Learning
We must continually learn and grow, as individuals, and as a company. This means going beyond learning new facts or standards of our industry, but also finding new ways to do things. There are many ways to complete a task, try something a different way. It may not work, but what if it does? What if you discover how to do a task in half the time? Learning new tasks and new skills is great, but improving on current skill sets as well as brining new innovation to your job is spectacular.
Be Flexible
It’s not IF things will change, it’s WHEN. We must adapt and change as the industry does. This means your role, or job description may change and adapt from time to time. Being flexible and willing to ‘roll with the punches’ is extremely important.
Strive for Excellence
In everything you do, strive for it to be excellent. Leading a meeting, calling patients back, answering emails – there is an excellent way to accomplish all of those tasks. Sticking with the status quo to just get things off your to do list isn’t excellence. Spending the appropriate amount of time on a task to ensure that it is done well is an excellent use of your time. You represent Breath of Life with every email sent, mile driven, and phone call made – make sure you’re leaving a good impression.
Create a Family Atmosphere
Breath of Life (BoL) is a family owned and operated business, and you are now part of that family. As you know, in life you don’t always have to be related by blood to be family with one another. We choose to believe that each new employee is a new member of the BoL family. We do our best to treat each employee as if they are family. We love them, pour into them, and sometimes when required – discipline them. Building a family unit allows us to work beyond our potential as individuals. It is not 1 + 1 = 2 but 1 + 1 = 11.
Foster Open and Honest Communication
Here at Breath of Life we have open door policies put in place, but this core value goes beyond the preverbal office. Open and honest communication is vital to the health of this company. Not only in communication within each department, but open and honest communication between departments as well as up the chain of command. We realize that there is a tendency to not let your superiors know when something has gone wrong. However, just like exposing a cavity before it becomes a rotten tooth is incredibly beneficial, so is exposing an issue at work before it becomes a giant problem. By creating open and honest communication throughout the entire company we hope that all communication becomes healthier, as well as the company as a whole.
Want know learn about the options that are out there? We’ve built a library of useful resources to aid in your learning.
Connect & Share
We’ve built healthy relationships with medical professionals to coordinate your care and provide you with a proper understanding about tests results.
High Standards
Our staff maintain a high level of understanding and education when it comes to the paperwork required to set you up with excellent therapy.
Quick Response
Whether you’re calling to get maintenance or new equipment, we work quickly with your doctor to get everything in place.