Terms & Conditions

Advance Beneficiary Notice sells respiratory equipment via it’s website to customers for cash. We do not work with private, government based insurers or social benefit programs for purchases made through our website. We do not accept assignment. Medicare will not reimburse you for purchases you make on Breath of Life makes no warranty or provision that your insurance will reimburse you for the items that you are purchasing. Items ordered without a Physician’s Order are subject to the sales tax laws that govern internet sales and you may be responsible for sales tax to your taxing authority. Additionally, for items that require a physician order, the physician’s order that you upload, must be a valid physician’s order or your product will not be shipped until a valid order is received.

No Medical Advice; No Guarantees

You recognize and agree that the content made available through is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be taken and should not in any way be construed as medical advice or counseling or as the practice of medicine or as the creation of a physician-patient relationship with Users should never use any resources in place of seeking professional advice from a licensed medical practitioner. We make no guarantees, promises, or predictions of success regarding any of the services or resources offered through

Right to Refuse reserves the right to refuse service to any indiviudals at our sole discretion. In the event that we refuse service to an individual, any manufacturer warranties on products pureviously purchased from will be honored within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Pricing Errors

Should there be any pricing or spelling errors, reserves the right to cancel any orders effected by these error(s). If the customer’s credit card has been charged, there will be a refund given in the amount of the item’s total. The effected customer(s) will be notified by email of these events.

Sales Tax

Breath of Life, Inc. is not required to charge sales tax on items purchased under a prescription. However, you may see that sales tax is charged on checkout. If you have uploaded a prescription prior to checking out, or on checkout you will notice that the final amount charged to your credit card will not include sales tax.

Breath of Life, Inc. does not include sales tax for items shipped outside of Texas. 

For items that do include sales tax you will also notice sales tax charged on shipping. This is required per the state of Texas.